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Watch the recording: privacy_infra() July, hosted by Transcend

Transcend Team
August 3rd, 2020 · 1 min read

At our first privacy_infra() virtual event on July 30, we heard about privacy practices of COVID-19 tracking apps globally, how GitHub designed privacy in a federated social network, how Google approaches differential privacy, how Transcend built browser-based encryption and decryption, and more.

Watch the full event below. Pro tip: You can use the chapter markers to navigate to specific speakers.


  • Megan DeBlois, UX researcher,
  • Miguel Guevara, Product Manager of Differential Privacy at Google
  • Mike Farrell, CTO and Co-founder at Transcend, and Ben Brook, CEO and co-founder of Transcend
  • Lexi Galantino, Trust & Safety Software Engineer at GitHub
  • Luke Crouch, Privacy & Security Engineer at Mozilla

If you’d like to register for our next event on Thursday September 17, you can do so here, or find out more about privacy_infra().

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