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Watch the recording: Signal, Zoom, and UC Berkeley join Privacy_Infra() February 2021

Andrew Moon
February 22nd, 2021 · 1 min read

We kicked off our 2021 season of privacy_infra() talks with an incredible lineup of speakers, and a special focus on encryption of communications. Watch the full event below.

Joining our February 2021 event were:

  • Jim O’Leary, VP of Engineering at Signal on ‘Powering the World’s Private Communications’
  • Merry Ember Mou, Software Engineer at Zoom on ‘Building E2EE and User Identity’
  • Mitch Negus, Graduate Student Researcher at UC Berkeley on privacy in nuclear engineering

Pro tip: You can use the chapter markers to navigate to specific talks.

Find out more about privacy_infra() and register for our next event at

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