Watch Back: Privacy_Infra() September

Andrew Moon
September 29th, 2020 · 1 min read

At our second privacy_infra() virtual event on September 24th for engineers working on privacy projects, we heard how Uber built an end-to-end consent platform, how the Freedom of the Press Foundation developed a new SecureDrop Workstation based on Qubes, and heard reflections on implementing privacy-enhancing design from ClearOPS co-founder George Rosamond.

Watch the full event below. Pro tip: You can use the chapter markers to navigate to specific speakers.


  • Roche Janken, Privacy Engineer, Uber

  • Kevin O’Gorman, Engineer, Freedom of the Press Foundation

  • Ben Brook, Co-founder and CEO, Transcend

  • George Rosamond, Co-founder and CTO, ClearOPS

Watch the full event here.

If you’d like to register for our next event on Thursday November 12, you can do so here, or find out more about privacy_infra().

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