Smarter Consent Management

Replace cookie banners and consent pop-ups with smart quarantining.

Allowed Events

These are requests that are being allowed on this website.

Revoke consent to have Consent Manager begin blocking them automatically.

  "type": "xhr",
  "url": "",
  "requestInit": {
    "method": "POST"
  "timestamp": "2022-01-15T13:41:54.511Z",
  "script": ""
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You control your data.

Our products are designed to protect your privacy. You can change your preferences at any time from this window or from our Privacy Center.

Allow collection for Functional purposes

Allow collection for Analytics purposes

Allow collection for Advertising purposes

Airgap is off. Opt out of something to turn it on.
Cookie consent manager

Manage all tracking.

Unlike other consent managers, Transcend's solution governs all tracking technologies on your website automatically.

It's not just cookies—every data emission is locally assessed against the user's consent preferences before being allowed to leave the user's device and flow to your data systems.

Observe all tracking.

Transcend's swarm of consent managers report metadata back to you, the admin, about what information you're tracking about your users, and where that data flows.

Throwing out cookie banners

No more pop‑ups.

Pop-ups don't belong in the year 2020. Rather than requesting consent when a user lands on your website, Transcend empowers you to ask when it makes sense.

Transcend can capture tracking events in a smart quarantine on your user's device, so you don't miss the full story by asking later.

Drop in script

Zero config. Deploy in minutes.

A simple drop-in script that manages your analytics scripts.

Just like that. Transcend will automatically classify and quarantine all your analytics, advertising, and network requests.

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