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    “Transcend has saved us from countless hours of manual datapoint labeling, missing systems in privacy requests, and downstream gaps in consent preference management. Their dedicated partnership gives us confidence that we can continue to manage privacy projects efficiently and handle new requirements. Privacy is no longer a cost center – with Transcend, we are driving value to the business.”

    Kat Vetrakova | Data Protection Officer, GoCardless

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    “Adopting and implementing Transcend's Consent product has been one of the smoothest technology implementations we've done. Within hours, we were getting valuable information that allowed us to instantly see most used cookies and data flows and easily separate data flows by domain. We are confident in our current and future consent management compliance.”

    Jake Ottenwaelder | Senior Privacy Engineer

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    "With Transcend, A Cloud Guru has saved a massive amount of time and resources, removing manual processes and working seamlessly across our SaaS tools and internal databases. Transcend has been instrumental in bringing our privacy program to an automated, secure-by-design state."

    Benjamin Mullen | Director of Product Security, A Cloud Guru - now part of Pluralsight

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    “Transcend is a rare example of a vendor who has become a true partner. Our questions are answered so quickly - it feels like we’re on the same team. Transcend’s technology is impressive, but it’s the incredible support that takes it to the next level.”

    Piotr Wurst | Data Privacy Specialist, Groupon

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    "When we started looking for a privacy tool, TechGC peers and other legal colleagues all pointed to Transcend as the leader in automated privacy solutions, with top tier support and education. From there, each engineer I brought into our conversations was immediately impressed with Transcend, further validating the power of their technology."

    Keara Roethke | Legal Director, Snapdocs

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    "Unlike many competitors, Transcend understands the importance that regulators put on processing consent and managing consent eliminates a chunk of risk. Automating and removing manual processes from consent management is a feather in Transcend’s cap."

    Worldwide Data Privacy Management Software 2023 | IDC MarketScape


    "At Robinhood, we empower our customers to take greater ownership of their financial future, and we believe this extends to their personal information. Transcend's data privacy infrastructure helps facilitate the way we give our customers control over their data."

    Karthik Rangarajan | Head of Security, Robinhood