Privacy in the age of AI

The rise of generative artificial intelligence is transforming the way we work. Transcend enables AI companies and any business using these tools to prioritize growth while ensuring industry-leading compliance.



Advanced AI privacy partnerships

AI's ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data makes it a transformational tool, but considering data privacy is key to safe and responsible use. Transcend is already helping leading AI companies prioritize data privacy so they can focus on driving business growth. Stay ahead of the privacy curve with Transcend's data privacy solutions.

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Access and erase data

Is your AI company still collecting user access and deletion requests via basic web forms? Fix this out-of-the-box with Transcend. No matter the preferred authentication flow, data system, request type, regulation, or requirement—Transcend has you covered.

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Opt-Outs: Do Not Train, inference suppression, and machine unlearning

Before training, ‘Do Not Train’ takes an individual’s personal data out of your training sets, while inference suppression prevents their data from being used during inference.‘Machine unlearning’ removes their data from an already-trained model. Access Transcend's engineering solutions to power AI's unique opt out requirements.

Serving business customers safely

Serving business customers safely

Your biggest business partners need to ensure their data is being safely handled when using AI tools. Explore Transcend’s out-of-the-box deletion and access APIs to increase the enterprise-ready applications of your business.


An effective solution for responsible AI innovation

As the data governance provider for some of the world’s largest companies, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions about how to put the right safeguards in place to responsibly use new generative AI platforms and tools.

We’re committed to helping businesses navigate the complexities of this new frontier, and that’s why we’re building a robust model for AI governance.

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See why AI leader Jasper selected Transcend

Jasper, the industry-leading generative AI content platform for businesses, selected Transcend as its privacy program partner. With Transcend, Jasper’s privacy program gives users control over their data—helping them exercise their data privacy rights. Transcend also enables Jasper to prioritize both user experience and solutions that meet the technical complexity of ever-evolving data privacy requirements.

Jasper + Transcend customer story illustration


Keeping privacy leaders ahead of the AI curve

We make it our business to stay ahead of the curve and provide innovative, customized data privacy solutions. Our experience and expertise helps ensure your organization's data privacy standards are industry-leading—with the added benefit of enhanced compliance, improved cost efficiency, better security, and greater impact on top-line business drivers.

Join hundreds of expert peers discussing the evolution and impacts of AI on the privacy field. Or learn how to ensure world-class personal data protection, regardless of the AI tooling in your enterprise tech stack.

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“Privacy is at the heart of trust and progress in building artificial intelligence technology. We selected Transcend as our partner because of their relentless commitment to data rights and earning customer trust."

Shane Orlick | President, Jasper


Map your data. Future-proof your privacy program.