Brazil LGPD compliance

Brazil’s General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) enshrines broad personal data rights for 200M+ Brazilian consumers. Use Transcend to avoid costly fines and meet LGPD requirements with ease.

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What businesses need to know

Brazil’s LGPD is a sweeping privacy law modeled closely after the EU’s GDPR—applying to any company doing business in Brazil that holds information from Brazilian nationals.

Applies to most businesses

Unlike privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, LGPD applies to any business that has data from Brazilian nationals, regardless of company size or revenue.

Many similarities to GDPR

LGPD closely mirrors many of GDPR’s key provisions—businesses must keep records of data processing activitie and individuals have the right to know, erase, access, and correct inaccurate or out-of-date data.

LGPD enforcement

Brazil’s Data Protection Authority (the ANPD) is responsible for enforcing LGPD and may issue fines of up to 2% of an organization’s revenue, with a maximum of BRL 50,000,000 per infraction. No cure period is available for violations.

Data-subject rights

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