Future-proof your privacy program

Four new privacy laws, Colorado's Privacy Act (CPA), Virginia’s CDPA, China’s PIPL, Brazil’s LGPD, were enacted in 2021 alone—with more on the horizon. With Transcend, stop playing catch-up and start getting your business ready for whatever regulations lie ahead.



One platform to handle it all

A unified privacy platform engineered to automate away your pains and put your users first.

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Privacy Requests

Your users ask for their data — use a fully automated, easy-to-use operating system for privacy request compliance. From access to deletion requests, and more. Secure by design infrastructure governs user data anywhere it's stored, without human intervention.

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Full-stack Consent

The only solution that governs both client-side and backend user consent. Enjoy fully customizable consent experiences that handle any region, any device, and any domain.

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Data Mapping

Unified data management that includes automated systems scanning, data discovery and advanced classification – all in a collaborative platform where you can delegate tasks, see system owners, and auto-generate reports like GDPR Record of Processing Activities (ROPA).

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Compliance without the complexity.

Transcend's platform is built as an arbitrary governance layer across the systems we integrate with and responds to new requirements via new workflows on top. It is engineered for flexibility, with customization as easy as checking a box. Remaining compliant with new privacy legislation is no small task, but with Transcend's regulation-agnostic platform, you can meet the needs of tomorrow with peace of mind.

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Global coverage for any data type.

Transcend’s privacy platform offers international assessments and coverage across any region and robust options for flexible localization. Create multiple privacy centers to support different regions, and support incoming privacy requests no matter their point of origin on the globe.

A compilation of Patreon's Privacy Center, translated in German, Portuguese and Japanese

A unified platform

Overcome today’s privacy hurdles and meet the needs of tomorrow.

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67% businesses

are in markets with privacy regulations

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configurations for your company's needs

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"We needed a solution that would evolve with ever-changing privacy regulations. Transcend's configurable integrations lets us easily support different parameters, unique business conditions, and state by state privacy laws. It allows us to be prepared for new laws before they come into effect, and frees our team up from chasing new privacy request requirements."

Petr Hecko | Lead DevOps Engineer, Hims & Hers

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“Clubhouse is in high growth mode with a nimble engineering team. We needed a strong data privacy partner that could immediately add value and that could keep up with our expansion, with the right stack to meet our needs as we grow. Transcend has helped us get a handle on several important aspects of privacy engineering so we can solve things the right way for our community.”

Taylor Hughes | Trust and Safety Engineer, Clubhouse

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"During the onboarding process, we asked ourselves a number of questions, including: How streamlined is this solution? Does this fully automate our needs and that of our users? Does this meet and exceed our requirements on security and legal compliance? Is engineering on board with the solution and is it an easy lift for them to integrate? The answer for all of that was a ‘yes’ with Transcend."

Frankie Benjamin | Privacy Program Manager, Indiegogo

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