Transcend for healthcare

Handling health data requires the highest level of privacy and security. Join companies like Hims & Hers that use Transcend to easily discover, classify and organize personal data, including PHI and support for HIPAA requirements.



Advanced data protections

Whether your company collects Protected Health Information (PHI) protected under the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) or health-related data covered by GDPR and other laws, get the protection you need and more, right out of the box with Transcend.

Complexity solved

Wherever your company's health data lives, whatever your preflight checks — Transcend uncovers systems and classifies content to seamlessly handle privacy compliance.

Industry-leading security

Engineered from the ground up to be secure by design, including end-to-end encryption (an industry first), single sign-on, granular admin access controls, and more.

Complete HIPAA compliance

Your company and any PHI you control are covered with Transcend under HIPAA with our Business Associate Agreement.

Image of a dashboard with SQL Database, Deletion Exception, Encription Cards
A screenshot of Transcend Data Mapping


No more flying blind.

Uncover your data silos through powerful, automated scanning and use smart content classification to organize personal data points. Transcend is the first and only platform to ensure the systems discovered in your data map are comprehensively included in user deletion, access or modification requests.

A screenshot of Transcend Data Mapping


No matter what or where, you’re covered

From Salesforce to your patient database, from HIPAA to GDPR and California’s CCPA, and from newsletter opt-outs to account deletions—Transcend covers it all with precise data operations. We've engineered our platform with flexibility, so you can overcome the privacy hurdles of today and the needs of tomorrow with peace of mind.

An image of the Erasure Datapoints screen in the Transcend dashboard.
Transcend's security API


Reduced risk with end-to-end encryption

Transcend is the only privacy vendor to offer end-to-end encryption to ensure a higher security posture for sensitive health and patient data. With our self-hosted security gateway, the personal data you hold is encrypted within your firewall, and any requests for your data are authorized by a trusted system. Plus, get granular access controls and single sign-on included on every plan.

Transcend's security API


BAA for complete HIPAA compliance

Transcend’s security model means we do not require access to PHI when fulfilling privacy requests across your systems. In accordance with HIPAA rules, we offer a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that incorporates HIPAA-required clauses which covers you under HIPAA when using Transcend.

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"We needed a solution that would evolve with ever-changing privacy regulations. Transcend's configurable integrations lets us easily support different parameters, unique business conditions, and state by state privacy laws. It allows us to be prepared for new laws before they come into effect, and frees our team up from chasing new privacy request requirements."

Petr Hecko | Lead DevOps Engineer, Hims & Hers


Map your data. Future-proof your privacy program.