Compliance with China’s PIPL.

China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) extends individual rights and consent requirements while establishing stringent requirements on territorial data processing. With Transcend, easily encode privacy directly into your data systems for seamless compliance.

New to PIPL?

What businesses need to know

As China’s first comprehensive personal data protection law, China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) applies both to personal data handled within China’s borders and to personal data related to the people of China.

Effective November 2021

The PIPL went into effect November 1, 2021 and is already being enforced, with Didi fined 8 billion RMB for violations in illegal data handling and excessive data collection. China is already demonstrating their focus on ensuring data controllers are compliant with PIPL

Going beyond PIPL

Just months after PIPL, additional measures have been finalized, including the Security Assessment Measures for cross-border data transfers and the Draft Standard Contract for data processing. Given China’s rapidly changing privacy landscape, companies should look for a nimble platform to ensure they meet compliance obligations.

Extending privacy rights for individuals

PIPL largely follows GDPR in granting data subject rights and requiring individual consent. Companies seeking to comprehensively honor requests under this territorial scope need a solution that can easily be customized to China’s region.

Fulfill individual data rights

Engineered for any data action, for any data subject.

Compliance without complexity

Engineered to enable efficient operations and seamless compliance.

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Data Mapping

Through powerful, automated scans, Transcend discovers your company’s data silos and organizes data schemas and objects. Enjoy singular visibility, all in a collaborative platform where you can delegate tasks, see system owners, and generate audit logs or compliance reports.

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Privacy Requests

A fully automated, easy-to-use operating system for privacy request compliance. From access to opt out requests, and more. Secure infrastructure governs user data anywhere it's stored, without human intervention.

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Transcend auto-classifies data flows and cookies for comprehensive consent governance. Leverage our fully customizable, open-source UI to clearly notify users and obtain explicit consent whenever third parties are involved in data processing.

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