The automation system for GDPR data subject requests.

Transcend is an end-to-end solution for handling requests to access, erase, update, and transfer personal data.

Transcend compiles data across all of a company's data silos.
Save employee time

Lawyers and engineers shouldn't be fulfilling DSRs

Transcend does it all, so that your top talent can focus on things that move the top-line.

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Avoid catastrophic fines

Avoid catastrophic fines. Fulfill DSRs properly

Comply with data subject requests (DSRs) in a timely and auditable manner to stay clear of fines of 20-million EUR or 4% of global revenue.

Show customers you care about privacy

Privacy is in the spotlight

Times are changing. Customers expect more than an opaque privacy policy. Become a brand leader by committing to transparency with a Transcend Privacy Center.

Lower the risk of getting audited

Lower the risk of an audit

Signal to regulators and auditors that you are embracing the spirit of the law—that you are "one of the good guys"

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