Into the future of privacy

We empower leading brands with freed-up resources, future-proofed regulatory stances for the laws of tomorrow, and stronger relationships with customers through respectful and compliant data transparency, consent, and control

Our Principles

Light the way forward.

Privacy is undergoing a revolution, and with that comes the opportunity to define how modern privacy will work.

There are many open questions and few leaders. As the privacy platform, it's on Transcend to light the way forward and bring data rights into the world.

Empower the individual.

Transcend seeks to educate end-users and give them increased control over their personal data. Companies want to give their users better privacy choices, but it's extremely difficult to do. So, we make it easy.

Customer delight above all else.

We obsess over finding new ways to delight our customers. That affects the way Transcend performs sales, marketing, support, product design, engineering, and every single business function.

Our Investors

We're hiring!

We believe that turning the principles of data privacy into exercisable human rights is one of the most high-impact ways we can spend our time, and so we're building an ambitious team that’s passionate about solving important problems and having fun while doing it.