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With the largest ecosystem of pre-built integrations, Transcend easily hooks up to any system where personal data is stored–from your internal databases to 1,300+ SaaS vendors. Transcend builds and manages all integration code in house, so you never need to worry about new endpoints or maintenance.

Transcend makes it easy to encode privacy across your tech stack.

Handling user data is an incredible responsibility.

Transcend makes it easy for companies to respond to customer requests for control over their data. That's why we've built engineering products to chart the path forward for modern data rights and customer relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

How do we do this?

We help companies solve modern data rights with a fully automated, easy-to-use operating system. Transcend Privacy Requests orchestrates all user information from a company's databases, SaaS tools, and applications in one powerful system — freeing up resources and improving their regulatory stances. Plus, their users are confident their preferences are seen, understood, and valued.

Transcend Consent peels away technical complexity and makes user consent all about open and honest communication — the foundation of every healthy relationship. This lightweight bundle goes beyond cookies to ensure nothing is tracked without user consent, plus saves time and resources on configuration, all without sacrificing site performance or UX.

As the privacy platform powering today's leading companies into the future, it's on Transcend to light the way forward and bring data rights to the world.

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