Dynamic visibility, greater confidence

Transcend Data Lineage allows you to easily track the flow of personal data across your data ecosystem, for greater control and confidence.

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End uncertainty with clear personal data lineage

Are you struggling to say with confidence how personal information is collected, processed, and shared across your organization?

Transcend Data Lineage is a real-time view of data flows that maps the relationship between data silos.

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Better understand how your personal data moves across your tech stack

Powerful visibility

Automatically know your data better, so you can use it more effectively and responsibly.

Proactive governance

Enable proactive data governance and compliance assurance all in one seamless solution.

Confidence through knowledge

Ensure data integrity and traceability for robust decision making, easier auditability, and greater confidence in compliance.

Don't take our word for it

See why legal and technical leaders rely on Transcend for smarter, centralized risk management.

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"When we started looking for a privacy tool, TechGC peers and other legal colleagues all pointed to Transcend as the leader in automated privacy solutions, with top tier support and education. From there, each engineer I brought into our conversations was immediately impressed with Transcend, further validating the power of their technology."

Keara Roethke | Legal Director, Snapdocs

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"With Transcend, A Cloud Guru has saved a massive amount of time and resources, removing manual processes and working seamlessly across our SaaS tools and internal databases. Transcend has been instrumental in bringing our privacy program to an automated, security-by-design state."

Benjamin Mullen | Director of Product Security, A Cloud Guru - now part of Pluralsight

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