Adopt AI with confidence

With Pathfinder, Transcend is building the new frontier of AI governance software—giving your company the technical guardrails to adopt new AI technologies with confidence.

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Introducing Breakfast Yumbot—what could go wrong?

From automating decisions about something life changing, like a home loan, to doing something as simple as making pancakes—governing the flow of data into and out of an LLM is key to using AI tools safely and responsibly.

Watch what happens when things go awry and learn how Transcend Pathfinder can help.

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Ensuring innovation with the right controls

As AI becomes integral to modern business, companies face two distinct challenges: maintaining auditability and control, while managing the inherent risks. Without the right systems in place, businesses are slow to adopt AI, and risk losing their competitive edge.

Pathfinder by Transcend will help address these issues, providing a scalable AI governance platform that empowers companies to accelerate AI adoption with confidence.

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Handle business AI adoption with confidence

In a large enterprise, there can be hundreds of applications, each potentially connected to multiple LLMs. Maintaining direct integrations can lead to a complex and unwieldy system that’s challenging to secure.

Pathfinder provides a single technical control for data going into large language models, and the data coming out.

A stylized diagram of Transcend's AI governance software
A diagram showing the relationship between third-party apps, Transcend Pathfinder, and LLMs.

Gain real time visibility into AI deployments

As businesses increase their use of AI technologies, the ability to audit and track AI interactions becomes crucial.

With Pathfinder by Transcend, experience a single view to audit AI across your business, and assess usage and assess risks.

A diagram showing the relationship between third-party apps, AI governance software, and LLMs

Strengthen compliance

AI governance policies are only as good as their enforcement. With Pathfinder, teams will be able to customize Pathfinder’s architecture with monitoring, alerts, and predefined policies to ensure the right controls are applied.

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How can we help your company unlock AI governance?

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Pursuing responsible AI innovation

As the data governance provider for some of the world’s largest companies, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about how to put the right safeguards in place to responsibly use new generative AI platforms and tools.

We’re committed to helping businesses navigate the complexities of this new frontier, and that’s why we’re building a robust model for AI governance.