Streamlining Data Privacy Management with Transcend and Looker

The following is an excerpt from a post by our friends at Looker. The Looker Platform for Data delivers insights to user workflows, allowing organizations like Sony, Amazon, Spotify, and Kickstarter to extract value from data. Looker is now part of Google Cloud.

Regulations like Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA and CPRA give people ownership and agency over their data, including the ability to access, delete, or opt out of the data provided to companies. For most companies, the process of addressing individual privacy rights means time-consuming operations to manually complete hundreds or thousands of those actions in the data layer each month.

At Transcend, we focus on data privacy engineering. We recently launched an integration with Looker that fully automates user privacy requests (like data access and opt out) across the entire data ecosystem via the API. Instead of requiring you to send Looker an email or risk you forgetting to process the data action manually, Looker and Transcend customers ensure requests automatically roll through the entire system, saving time and providing peace of mind.

For example Indiegogo, the leading online crowd-funding company, turns to Looker for a centralized, governed data source. With Transcend + Looker together, Indiegogo now ensures that their data privacy is managed at a macro-level across all their databases, rather than having to manage each underlying database individually.

Read more on how Looker and Transcend deliver scalable privacy request fulfillment on the Looker website.

Or, learn more about Transcend’s integration with Looker and our other privacy integrations on our Integrations Directory.

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