Better together: powering Data Privacy Infrastructure with partners

Integrations are key to everything we do. Smart solutions to data privacy challenges by nature require interoperability as personal data can be disorganized, hard to spot, and stored across many systems. Our integrations allow us to identify and orchestrate personal data no matter where it’s stored, automating compliance for privacy teams and making data rights a reality for millions of users.

To that end, we’re investing heavily in building integrations that companies can connect in just a few clicks to begin fulfilling data subject requests (DSRs) from their users in seconds. For companies, this means no more chasing personal data across the entire tech stack, and going beyond compliance for privacy infrastructure your users can trust.

We’re excited to launch the Transcend Integrations Directory, showcasing the companies that are working with us to put users back in the driver’s seat when it comes to their personal data.

Introducing the Transcend Integrations Directory

Curious if we integrate with the SaaS tools your teams are using? Quickly search for your favorite platforms to discover if Transcend offers support out-of-the-box, or if this integration is coming soon. You can learn more about the actions Transcend can take on the data in a system by clicking into each integration page.

If you don’t see an integration listed, or if you’d just like to learn more about how Transcend can connect to your data no matter where it’s stored, we’ve made it easy for you to reach our team.

Explore the SaaS tools we connect to at

Integrations spotlight: analytics, experimentation, customer support, and more

We’re working hard to ensure Transcend’s Data Privacy Infrastructure supports the most popular platforms in use across your organization, regardless of the team or function.

Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been building lately.


Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps companies collect, clean, and control their customer data. Segment provides a unified view of data across every channel: website, apps, payments, help desk, and more—all while championing consumer privacy.

At Transcend, we share Segment’s belief that data privacy is a right. To further support this shared value, we’ve built an integration that allows companies to programmatically erase user profile information and process opt-out requests from users. Our Segment integration allows the automated erasure of analytics data and processing of opt-out requests, as part of the DSR process.


Optimizely is one of the world’s most popular web and app experimentation platforms, allowing teams to test and iterate new features, copy, and more quickly and responsibly.

Thanks to our Optimizely integration, Transcend can access and erase any user analytics data in seconds when that user submits a DSR.


Zendesk’s award-winning customer service platform is trusted by more than 200,000 customers. We believe that delighting and supporting customers should not come at the expense of their data privacy.

With Transcend’s integration, Zendesk customers can automatically process data subject requests across support tickets, community posts, and user profile information. We also enable programmatic erasures on consumer data in the Zendesk platform.


Stripe is a global leader in payments processing, with over a million businesses of all sizes to accept and manage online payments.

With this integration, Transcend can perform access and erasure requests in the Stripe platform, allowing users basic controls over their financial information, and increased peace-of-mind when making and receiving payments online.

You can see Transcend’s full list of integrations, and those on our roadmap, in our Integrations Directory. Don’t see one you’re using listed? We’re adding new integrations weekly, and Transcend’s Data Privacy Infrastructure also supports DSR fulfillment with your homegrown solutions. Reach out to learn more.

If you’re a data processor and interested in speaking with our Partnerships team, email partnerships (at)

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