Why We’re Introducing the Field Chief Privacy Officer Role 

February 7, 20242 min read

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Expanding privacy's field of vision

The roles organizations create, and the people they bring in to fill those roles, can act as a catalyst for significant positive change—unlocking new competitive advantages and opportunities, while uplifting their customers and industry as a whole.

Just a decade ago, positions like Cloud Architect, Product Counsel, or Chief Listening Officer were all novel concepts. Each of those roles emerged to seize the opportunities of rapidly changing industries. 

Today, we’re experiencing a similar moment in privacy, where big shifts in regulation are running headlong into the technically complex ways businesses collect and process personal information. 

To rise to today’s rapidly transforming landscape, we’re thrilled to open the first known role for the Field Chief Privacy Officer.

Drawing inspiration from the successful history of Field Chief Technology Officers in the broader tech industry, our vision for the Field Chief Privacy Officer is one that reflects Transcend’s deep commitment to innovation, not just within our next-generation privacy platform, but also in the way we advocate and strategize for privacy amongst our customers and partners.

At Transcend, our focus is on preparing our customers for the technical evolution of privacy. The Field CPO represents an important new step in how we think about privacy leadership. Whether navigating user consent and opt-out across a sophisticated ad tech ecosystem or performing real-time data mapping to identify and address data risks before they become a problem, privacy is a human-centered technological pursuit that drives incredible business opportunities.

Why a Field Chief Privacy Officer

The Field Chief Privacy Officer is one focused on translating the complexities of privacy technology into competitive advantages and actionable business strategies for our customers. It’s an embodiment of our mission to strengthen the privacy community—building on initiatives like our Privacy Pulse community (nearly 500 members and counting), and serving customers that range from the world’s most advanced technology companies to household consumer brands. 

The Field Chief Privacy Officer will also be an important voice across the privacy industry—informing and advancing conversations around effective corporate management of personal data. The role will serve as Transcend’s primary advocate and evangelist for modern, technical, thoughtful, and user-focused privacy practices. As stewards of this message, the Field Chief Privacy Officer will work with privacy leaders across the industry to identify and promote governance strategies that reflect the complex and deeply technical demands of privacy. 

Companies turn to Transcend for a next-generation privacy experience to increase efficiency, compliance, and user experience, and we believe this role helps to further our efforts in this space. 

The Field Chief Privacy Officer role is now open and we will keep you updated as we fill this new industry position! 

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