Field Trips: A CPO Listening Tour is in full swing—1st insights drop July 9th

July 3, 20242 min read

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With a few months under my belt as Transcend’s Field Chief Privacy Officer, I'm thrilled to share that Field Trips: A CPO Listening Tour is well underway. In only a few weeks, I’ve had incredible conversations with privacy leaders and regulators across the globe, with stops in the United States, Brussels, Toronto, and Amsterdam so far—with more to come!

My goal with these field trips remains clear: to engage deeply with fellow CPOs and privacy leaders, understand their evolving needs amidst rapid industry changes, and foster meaningful dialogue on pressing privacy issues. Having spent over 15 years building and leading privacy programs, I recognize the value of face-to-face discussions in shaping effective strategies and best practices.

A quick peek into Field Trips so far

Here’s a glimpse into where I’ve been so far:

And that’s just what I can share with you so far! There’s so much more to come, which leads me to my next point…

The first season of Transcend Field Trips drops on July 9!

This season is brief but mighty, with two episodes featuring members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who were instrumental in the passing of the watershed AI Act. You’ll get an insider’s look into the challenges encountered during the act’s negotiations, as well as regulatory perspectives on how we as privacy professionals should approach AI governance.

Watch the trailer for Episode 1 below, featuring Dan Nechita.

Get involved

Are you a Chief Privacy Officer or privacy leader looking to contribute to our ongoing conversations? Reach out to me directly via email at or connect with me on LinkedIn. Your perspectives are crucial as we continue to shape the future of privacy together.

I'm truly looking forward to building strong connections and collaborating on innovative solutions to address the challenges ahead. Stay tuned for more updates from the field!

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