Transcend Partners with Integrative Privacy to Migrate $12B Financial Services Firm Off OneTrust

We’re thrilled to announce a strategic professional services agreement with privacy consultancy Integrative Privacy—helping to transition a leading $12B financial services company off of OneTrust and onto Transcend’s next-generation privacy platform. 

As data privacy becomes a critical cornerstone of customer trust and regulatory compliance, this partnership between Transcend and Integrative Privacy represents a forward-thinking approach to data privacy management. The initiative not only underscores both organizations' commitment to excellence in privacy innovation but also sets a new benchmark for the industry.

A strategic move towards advanced privacy solutions

Under this agreement, Integrative Privacy will leverage Transcend's next-generation privacy platform to facilitate the seamless transition of a $12B financial services company. This move is meant to uplevel the company's data privacy frameworks—ensuring greater agility, compliance, and protection of customer information in the face of evolving global privacy regulations.

"Transcend's mission has always been to empower companies to manage their data privacy needs with the most advanced and user-friendly platform," said Ben Brook, CEO of Transcend.

"Our partnership with Integrative Privacy is built on our shared vision of a digital transformation in privacy management. The industry is saying goodbye to manual spreadsheets and surveys and hello to Transcend-powered automation."

Integrative Privacy, known for its expert consultancy in the privacy space, will play a crucial role in the transition process, ensuring the financial services giant not only meets, but exceeds current regulatory requirements surrounding privacy. 

"This collaboration is about more than just transitioning to a new platform; it's about redefining what's possible in data privacy management by getting to the code layer," said Jake Ottenwaelder, founder of Integrative Privacy.

"Together with Transcend, we're paving the way for a wave of enterprises to adopt the dynamic, scalable, and effective privacy practices of tomorrow."

A commitment to privacy excellence

The partnership clearly reflects the growing importance of privacy technology that operates on data at the code layer, giving financial services organizations, Fortune 500s, and high-growth startups the tools they need to adapt to the complex, quickly shifting landscape of global data regulations.

Against the backdrop of focused privacy laws like Washington’s My Health My Data, increased FTC scrutiny and enforcement actions, and significant fines under niche laws like BIPA and VPPA, companies can—by moving away from legacy privacy platforms—unlock new levels of efficiency and data protection, ultimately benefiting their customers, stakeholders and shareholders.

About Transcend

Transcend is a leading data privacy infrastructure company that empowers enterprises to give their customers control over their personal data. By simplifying data privacy management, Transcend enables companies to build trust, ensure compliance, and future-proof their privacy operations.

About Integrative Privacy

Integrative Privacy specializes in privacy consulting and services, helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of data protection. With a focus on solving the root causes behind stagnant technology implementations, Integrative Privacy takes a holistic approach - blending innovative solutions, clear documentation and user-centric design to ensure compliance and secure customer trust.

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