Building Trust in Digital Experiences: Announcing Transcend's Partnership with Adobe Experience Cloud

March 4, 20241 min read

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At Transcend, we are proud to help a wide range of companies digitally transform their privacy programs, improving regulatory compliance and increasing operational efficiency. Many of these companies use Adobe Experience Cloud, a broad set of cloud-based tools including Analytics, Marketo and Commerce, to deliver an exceptional digital customer experience.

Today’s consumers have come to expect a seamless experience when exercising their privacy rights under GDPR, CPRA, and other US state privacy laws, and companies need a simple and efficient way to integrate privacy into their business to meet the regulatory needs of today and tomorrow.

That’s why Transcend is thrilled to become an Adobe Technology Partner for Adobe Experience Cloud. Through this partnership, Transcend is now integrated directly into Adobe Experience Cloud, providing our shared customers with an automated way to meet regulatory compliance requirements and create a seamless experience for their users. Specifically, Transcend + Adobe customers can leverage:

1. Adobe Analytics Integration: Insights with Privacy-First Analytics

Our integration with Adobe Analytics ensures that businesses can still gain insights from the data they’re capturing from Adobe Analytics without compromising on user privacy. Transcend connects to Adobe Analytics to programmatically search and export or delete end-user data for data subject access requests. 

2. Adobe Marketo Integration: Elevating Marketing Automation with Privacy

Our Adobe Marketo integration enables businesses to implement marketing automation strategies while respecting user preferences. Transcend integrates with Marketo to make sure marketing opt-outs, data erasure requests, and data access requests are handled without manual work. This integration ensures that user data is handled with care, enhancing trust in marketing interactions.

3. Adobe Commerce Integration: Privacy in E-Commerce Experiences

In our integration with Adobe Commerce, Transcend surfaces, returns, and deletes end-consumer payment method information and customer contact data. These erasure and access requests are automatically checked against Transcend’s pre-flight check automation to identify instances like fraud or outstanding account balances when companies must preserve parts of data required to be held.

To explore the possibilities and learn more about our integrations for Adobe Experience Cloud, contact us for a demo.

Transcend Inc. is an Adobe Technology Partner for Adobe Experience Cloud, Silver level.

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