Privacy First Awards: Honoring the Champions of Data Privacy

January 22, 20241 min read

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Introducing the Privacy First Awards

It's Privacy Week! And as we all know, privacy pros do important work in a dynamic, often difficult industry—so this year, we're kicking off the Privacy First awards to acknowledge and celebrate those efforts.

The Privacy First awards are a celebration of outstanding individuals pursuing better privacy and data protection across their various industries. From legal experts to Chief Privacy Officers, engineers to security execs, influencers to enthusiasts—these awards are a celebration of outstanding individuals pursuing better privacy for all.

Learn more about the winners of the 2024 Privacy First awards!

Award Categories

  • Privacy Innovator of the Year: Recognizing the individual or team that introduced groundbreaking solutions to safeguard digital privacy.
  • Guardian of User Data: Celebrating those who have consistently championed user data protection and implemented robust privacy measures.
  • Legal Luminary Award: Honoring legal professionals who have demonstrated exceptional expertise in navigating the complex landscape of data privacy laws.
  • Community Champion: Acknowledging the person or group that actively promotes awareness and education about data privacy within the community. 
  • Transparency Trailblazer: Recognizing those who have set the standard for transparency in data handling and processing.

Join us for the live event

Join us as we shine a spotlight on those who make significant contributions to the ever changing landscape of data privacy. These awards go beyond traditional boundaries, extending our appreciation to the diverse individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Let's come together to honor and celebrate all guardians of data privacy.

Register for the live event

Stay tuned for the live event where we'll unveil our winners and delve into insightful discussions on the importance of privacy in our digital world. It's time to acknowledge and celebrate the trailblazers who embody the spirit of putting Privacy First!

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