Easily comply with regional regulations with Regional Experience Presets

By Brandon Chen

Senior Product Marketing Manager

July 10, 20242 min read

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In the first half of 2024, seven states passed new data privacy laws, with five more still considering new regulations.

While every state’s focus is on protecting user privacy rights, the fine details – like differing definitions of personal data, requirements for notice language, and specific consumer rights – can make implementation tricky. One example of this is the different regional requirements around user opt-outs.

To minimize manual work for your team and make it easier for your company to remain compliant with the shifting legal landscape, Transcend Consent Management has prebuilt Regional Experiences for different regional regulations like GDPR, LGPD, CPRA, and more.

Regional Experiences are prebuilt settings that can be applied in just a few clicks to customize your end users’ experiences. This includes providing the option to opt out of different data handling purposes unique to specific regions, as well as the ability to simplify opt-out of the sale of personal data.

This frees up team capacity previously needed to chase down requirements state-by-state. It also gives you the ability to customize your approach for different regions.

The latest addition to Transcend’s Regional Experience Presets is “US Do Not Sell/Share.” This preset supports compliance with privacy laws in California, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, Connecticut, Utah, Montana, Oregon, and Texas by allowing your users in these states to opt out of the sale of their personal info.

Transcend customers will see the option abbreviated as “US_DNSS” and can add this preset by creating a new experience from the top right corner of the Regional Experiences page.

And remember, regional experiences are just one way Transcend Consent Management minimizes manual work for your team, improves visibility, increases consented user data, and supports more comprehensive compliance.

With direct integrations into business systems, Transcend not only captures user choices but enforces consent preferences downstream into connected systems—without needing to depend on a third-party tag management system. It’s also the only consent manager that continuously detects and categorizes tracking technologies, offering unparalleled visibility.

Contact our team to learn how Transcend can increase fully consented user data, improve compliance, and reduce operational drain amidst an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Transcend’s next-gen data and privacy governance platform helps companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500s to high-growth startups, better govern their data—improving compliance, cutting costs, enhancing business innovation and increasing customer trust.

If you’d like to learn more about consent management, Transcend has ongoing webinars found through following our LinkedIn page and blog posts to read more about each individual regulation.

By Brandon Chen

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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