Transcend Launches in AWS Marketplace to Simplify Data Privacy and AI Governance

Transcend now available in the AWS Marketplace

Transcend, the leading data privacy and governance management platform, today announced its launch on the AWS Marketplace, the digital catalog that makes it easy for companies to find, test, buy and deploy the third-party software and services they need. 

Transcend is a trusted data privacy partner of Fortune 100 companies, the global 2000s, and high growth start-ups. Through the AWS Marketplace, AWS customers can now accelerate time-to-value in compliance initiatives by accessing Transcend’s platform directly. Privacy, Risk & Compliance, Developer, and Security teams can quickly test, buy and deploy Transcend to automate the discovery and governance of personal data across their organization—across any system. 

The Transcend platform enables companies, regardless of their complexity, to efficiently and securely discover, classify and orchestrate user data and user preferences in compliance with global data privacy regulations—including CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, HIPAA, VCDPA, and over 150 other laws.

Making it even easier to streamline privacy

Via the AWS Marketplace, companies can now more easily replace insufficient and clunky spreadsheet and survey-based legacy privacy solutions with Transcend’s streamlined privacy platform that works at scale—all with the deployment, billing, and payment benefits that the AWS Marketplace provides. Transcend CEO and co-founder Ben Brook noted:

"Introducing Transcend into the AWS Marketplace is all about making it easy for customers to transform their data privacy efforts—including the stricter compliance, improved operational efficiency, and delightful end-user experiences that our customers enjoy.”

“The ongoing updates in the regulatory landscape, paired with the immense sprawl of enterprise data and the rising costs of compliance creates a new privacy and data governance imperative. It’s time to end spreadsheets and survey-based approaches as a way of handling user data," he continued.

"Transcend customers seamlessly encode privacy directly into their company’s tech stack. It’s why the world’s largest and most innovative companies turn to Transcend as their trusted privacy partner for this new era of privacy."

Increased urgency with generative AI and shadow IT

With the advancement of Generative AI and the ever-growing sprawl of shadow IT, personal data and regulatory nuances, many companies are excited to experience privacy software that increases their effectiveness and improves their operational efficiencies.

Companies who use Transcend report that their compliance is stronger, their data intelligence confidence is higher, and their time and resources are more efficiently spent—without the drain of unnecessary manual governance work.

Expanding collaboration with AWS

For Transcend, joining the marketplace is another step in a history of AWS collaboration.  Transcend’s customers seamlessly use Transcend’s AWS integration to continuously discover and classify their data stores hosted on AWS, as well as the data inside each store.

Transcend’s AWS integration automates the process of identifying data stores across customer AWS cloud infrastructure, including in commonly-used AWS data storage services — S3, DynamoDB, and RDS databases.

In addition to the Transcend global AWS silo discovery integration, Transcend customers also benefit from separate Transcend integrations with each AWS service that gets discovered. Once the relevant data silos have been discovered, each one can be enabled for datapoint schema discovery & content classification seamlessly within Transcend. 

Key benefits of Transcend’s unified platform

  1. Comprehensive Data Asset Intelligence including all personal data automatically organized by data categories, vendors, processing purposes, and more, as well as a mapping of the flow and sources of data throughout a company’s systems.

  2. Advanced Discovery & Classification of personal data from the silo level all the way down to individual objects and properties found in databases and even in unstructured data stores.

  3. Autonomous Privacy Operations that streamline governance from consent and preference management to data deletion–all while delivering a delightful, branded experience for the end user.

  4. The market’s largest ecosystem of data connectors and integrations, governance middleware for confident AI adoption, and risk intelligence tools that identify AdTech privacy violations while streamlining Privacy Impact Assessments—with industry-leading security protections built in.

Transcend's commitment to data privacy and AI governance aligns well with AWS's dedication to helping customers build secure, scalable, and compliant solutions. With this new point of purchase unveiling, AWS Marketplace customers can take advantage of Transcend's expertise and cutting-edge technology to enhance their data protection and compliance initiatives.

To learn more about Transcend's availability in the AWS Marketplace and how it can benefit your organization, click here.

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