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Data Privacy Infrastructure

Automatically fulfill access/erasure requests and consent changes across every data system and every vendor.

Transcend Admin Dashboard

Really automated.

We connect to data directly. That's why Transcend customers' requests are fulfilled end-to-end in 30 seconds.


Orchestrate personal data across all your systems.

Run access/erasure requests and consent change processes on personal data across your entire stack, plug and play.

Easily connect custom workflow logic via API. If you need people involved, Transcend handles all coordination with them via email.

Solve it full stack with the Privacy Center.

By using the Privacy Center, Transcend handles everything out of the box: receive requests, authenticate users, send email receipts, and generate response reports.

If you only need data processing, you can send jobs to the infrastructure via API.

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We can't see your data.

Transcend is built how it should be built: with zero access to your data. We don't hold your API keys and data is end-to-end encrypted between you and your users.

How does it work?

Infrastructure, not workflow.

Manage your personal data automatically with Transcend.