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Data Subject Request Automation

Automatically fulfill access and erasure requests—across every data system and every vendor.

Really automated.

We connect to data directly. That's why Transcend customers' DSRs are fulfilled in 30 seconds.

Authenticate requestors automatically.

Automatically authenticate your data subjects with:

  • Account login (JWT Magic Link, OAuth 2, and SAML)

  • Email and phone verification

  • Attestation from your systems or employees

With MFA, context-awareness, anti-fraud and AML filtering.


Orchestrate personal data across 440+ tools.

Run access and erasure processes on personal data across your entire SaaS stack, plug and play.

DSRs become one less thing to worry about when procuring your next tool.

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Servers and People

Orchestrate personal data everywhere.

Easily connect custom systems through our API. If you have any manual workflows, Transcend will email upload forms to people, and automatically follow up with them as needed.

Self-serve for your users.

Rather than having your support team receive and authenticate DSRs, get pre-verified requests through your Privacy Center.

Or, just upload your DSRs to Transcend via API.

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Infrastructure, not workflow.

Manage your personal data automatically with Transcend.