Tracking violations are no match for Web Auditor

Transcend Web Auditor scans your website properties for potential compliance violations of tracking technologies.

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Close gaps and

increase your visibility

Are you flying blind on if your AdTech pixels are compliant with user data collection?

Ensure vigilance on your marketing technologies to reduce risk exposure. Web Auditor scans and identifies compliance violations with AdTech signals.

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A powerful way to strengthen visibility into data tracking and associated risks

No-code detection

Locate privacy regulation violations on public-facing web pages without installing any code on your website.

Lightning fast results

Gain immediate visibility for fast action on every domain and web property.

Automate check-ups

Run scheduled scans to see if your website is exposing your organization to unnecessary compliance risks.

A unified platform, an extension of your team

See why legal and technical leaders rely on Transcend for smarter, centralized risk management.

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"When we started looking for a privacy tool, TechGC peers and other legal colleagues all pointed to Transcend as the leader in automated privacy solutions, with top tier support and education. From there, each engineer I brought into our conversations was immediately impressed with Transcend, further validating the power of their technology."

Keara Roethke | Legal Director, Snapdocs

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"Transcend is a rare example of a vendor who has become a true partner. Our questions are answered so quickly–it feels like we're on the same team. Transcend's technology is impressive, but it's the incredible support that takes it to the next level."

Piotr Wurst | Data Privacy Specialist, Groupon

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