Visibility into your most complex data stores

Transcend Unstructured Discovery enables your company to automatically find and govern previously ungovernable data, for complete compliance.

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Automate governance of personal data in complex formats

Are you struggling to govern personal data that lives in documents, text files, or chat apps, and having to rely on painful manual work?

Transcend Unstructured Discovery uncovers and classifies personal data living in non-conventional data models, powering comprehensive governance across all types of data.

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Gain total data visibility on every datapoint, without the implementation headaches

System-agnostic visibility

Continuously discovers and classifies data inside non-formalized data stores, including Slack, Asana, S3, Azure, O365, and Google Suite.

Quick setup

Fast time-to-value to move your privacy program forward—gain insights incredibly quickly with our agent-less deployment.

Efficient deployment

Make your program more cost-effective, thanks to our proprietary sampling technique that reduces spend.

Don't take our word for it

See why legal and technical leaders rely on Transcend for smarter, centralized risk management.

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“Transcend has saved us from countless hours of manual datapoint labeling, missing systems in privacy requests, and downstream gaps in consent preference management. Their dedicated partnership gives us confidence that we can continue to manage privacy projects efficiently and handle new requirements. Privacy is no longer a cost center – with Transcend, we are driving value to the business.”

Kat Vetrakova | Data Protection Officer, GoCardless

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"With Transcend, A Cloud Guru has saved a massive amount of time and resources, removing manual processes and working seamlessly across our SaaS tools and internal databases. Transcend has been instrumental in bringing our privacy program to an automated, security-by-design state."

Benjamin Mullen | Director of Product Security, A Cloud Guru - now part of Pluralsight

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