Privacy Guide

RACI framework for privacy programs [Free download]

Get clear on who’s responsible for every piece of your privacy program with an editable RACI framework—cutting confusion, saving time, and helping you better plan for future compliance efforts.

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Know who’s responsible for every privacy task

Building an effective privacy program starts with ensuring that folks on the ground understand what’s required, who’s responsible, and how to communicate cross-functionally to achieve common goals.

That’s why we put together a comprehensive, editable RACI framework for privacy programs, including:

  • A full RACI framework outlining the breadth of tasks necessary for modern privacy programs
  • 5 steps for implementing your framework successfully
  • Best practices for getting the most from your framework
  • Three versions: The full PDF, a fillable framework-only PDF, plus a fully customizable spreadsheet

Download the full PDF to get started.