Compliant B2B data, simplified.

Staying compliant with data privacy can be an operational nightmare—from varying data processor and data controller responsibilities, Data Processing Agreements (DPAs), and more. With Transcend, put the pain in the past with a platform built to scale, no matter your requirements.

Transcend for B2B companies

One platform to handle it all

Transcend is engineered to automate privacy compliance across any user type, data system, or DPA your business may support.

As a data processor logo

As a data processor

You’re faced with an uphill battle against the varying DPA obligations for the business customers you serve and for operating on the data they own that you hold. As your customer base grows, so does the scale and complexity of executing each privacy flow.

With Transcend, serve customers an API endpoint for programmatic privacy request fulfillment, give support teams a dashboard to handle requests, and set up specific self-serve processor workflows. Transcend’s platform adapts to your needs, so you put your company’s best foot forward.

As a data controller logo

As a data controller

Your company owns the personal data you collect, most commonly from sales and marketing activities or from candidates applying to open positions.

Transcend automates these privacy request workflows from wherever that data lives and from the same dashboard as your processor workflows. Be it your Salesforce instance or an internal database, and whatever the data subject type, from a newsletter subscriber to a candidate, and more.

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