Safeguarding personal financial data.

Join companies like Robinhood and OppLoans that have easily encoded privacy across their tech stacks. Automate your privacy program with industry-leading security protections, and benefit from out-of-the-box workflows to handle exceptions for Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other regulations.

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Transcend for Fintech & Finance

Programmatic privacy, precision data strikes.

Fintech companies are subject to additional requirements related to privacy and the handling of customer data, from the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) to Sarbanes-Oxley, and from SOX to PCI DSS and PSD2.

Transcend’s data privacy infrastructure can handle all exceptions and rules that come from these laws, without human intervention, and all built on an industry-leading security architecture.

Complexities, simplified

Transcend’s privacy platform can be configured to support any edge case, retention requirement, or required exemption—across any SaaS or internal data systems.

Secure by design

Leverage the strongest security technologies to protect your company’s data and keep you in compliance with the requirements of PCI DSS, PSD2, SOX, and GLBA’s Safeguards Rule.

Advanced and precise

Transcend can precision-strike specific data points in specific data silos, allowing you to identify and operate on relevant personal data and relevant data only.

Simplified workflows

Customizable pre-flight checks, authentication, and more.

With Transcend, set clear parameters on data actions and orchestrate workflows directly into SaaS and internal data systems. Automatically reject or place erasure requests on hold based on anti-fraud checks, AML rules, or active accounts containing a balance. Enhance user authentication through a wide variety of authentication options, including JWT/OAuth, account login, or multifactor authentication.

Transcend's security API

Industry-leading security

Robust security to safeguard sensitive data.

Transcend is built from the ground up with security technologies and protocols to protect your company’s data and keep you in compliance with finance industry requirements, including PCI DSS, Sarbanes–Oxley, PSD2, and GLBA.

Using our industry-leading self-hosted security gateway, your data and API keys are encrypted within your firewall—meaning we can't access your keys, we can't see your user data, and we can't forge a request to your system. Our security gateway can also be hosted in any region required.

Our security architecture
An image of the Erasure Datapoints screen in the Transcend dashboard.

Precision data operations

GLBA exceptions and more, seamlessly handled.

The personal and financial data you collect is nuanced and subject to different requirements. Transcend’s advanced configurability provides detailed precision to manage nuanced use cases. For example, specify a workflow to honor Do Not Sell for California residents within the guardrails of GLBA data.

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"At Robinhood, we empower our customers to take greater ownership of their financial future, and we believe this extends to their personal information. Transcend's data privacy infrastructure helps facilitate the way we give our customers control over their data."

Karthik Rangarajan | Head of Security, Robinhood

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