Trade your legacy privacy platform for Transcend

If wide-but-shallow legacy platforms are the first wave of privacy technology, specialized vendors (e.g. tools that only fulfill one aspect of a privacy program) are the second wave. Both create challenges for the modern privacy team.

Transcend embodies the third and future wave of privacy solutionsoffering a comprehensive privacy platform, where breadth doesn’t sacrifice technical strength.

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    Legacy technology means incomplete compliance

    Seen by many as lacking true automation and offering minimal support, legacy privacy platforms may lead to time consuming manual workflows and implementations that drag on for months—leaving your organization open to compliance risk.


    With custom consent experiences for any region, device, and domain, Transcend Consent is the only solution that governs both client-side and backend user consent—providing complete compliance.


    This free guide + case study explores:

    - How gaps in legacy privacy platforms can potentially leave your company vulnerable to regulatory penalties

    - Why automated, full-stack consent is key to complete compliance

    - How a Fortune 500 company upgraded their consent management and implemented Transcend Consent in under three weeks


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