Mitigate risk with smarter assessments.

Transcend Assessments uses attribute-based auto-suggestions to manage Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Transfer Impact Assessment (TIAs) with ease, giving you a singular view to proactively minimize data processing risks across your organization.

The Assessment Status Quo

Critical to your privacy program, yet burdensome to manage.

A clear regulatory requirement

GDPR outlines the need to have DPIAs and TIAs. Many US privacy laws including Virginia, California, Colorado, and even the draft U.S. Federal privacy bill, ADPPA, are similarly following suit and requiring companies to prepare and submit these assessments to the state Attorney-General or relevant enforcement body.

Ambiguous requirements

Privacy assessments aim to identify data processing risk within a company and protect its data subjects. But this intention often falls flat because organizations lack the necessary information to identify when an assessment is needed, what information to include in it, and who is responsible for completing the assessment and monitoring the project risk.

A cross-functional challenge

Privacy risk assessments can be riddled with operational friction. Between identifying what data processing requires an assessment, chasing down the correct system owners, and securing Data Protection Officer (DPO) approval, existing approaches can easily add costs, delays, and introduce downstream governance risk.

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