Feature Spotlight: Pull reports in seconds with Automated ROPA Reports

By Brandon Chen

Senior Product Marketing Manager

June 20, 20241 min read

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With manual workflows and legacy tools, creating recording of processing activities (ROPA) reports – a requirement of GDPR Article 30 – can take days or even weeks to pull together.

What starts as a conversation with your IT team about the different tools you’re using quickly devolves into a sprawling quest that involves sending out numerous internal surveys, chasing down incomplete data, and then even more surveys to understand the thousands of data points collectively stored in your tools.

It’s a lengthy, arduous process—and by the time you’re done, the report is already out-of-date.

Enter Transcend’s Automated ROPA Reports, a one-click way to create a GDPR-compliant ROPA report. Enabling you to create custom filtered CSV exports of any table in your Data Inventory, this feature was engineered to help you create a report containing all the information you need in seconds.

How it works

To help privacy leaders alleviate the burdens of manual work for their teams and streamline compliance with GDPR Article 30, Automated ROPA Reports with Transcend extracts key information from your Data Inventory, quickly surfacing all data necessary for a GDPR-compliant ROPA report.

As your systems change and vendor list expands, Transcend automatically keeps your Data Inventory up-to-date, so that every time you field a ROPA – whether for self-audits or compliance with GDPR Article 30 – your ROPA report will be available and easy to populate with the latest information.

The native connectivity between Transcend’s privacy and governance solutions makes it easy to reduce risk and improve compliance. Using next-gen privacy solutions like Silo Discovery and Structured Discovery, Transcend customers were able to discover datapoints for over 4,500 data systems – from in-house databases to third-party systems like Salesforce, Google Drive, and Facebook Ads – in 2023. 

Here’s what Kat Vetrakova, Head of Privacy & Security at GoCardless, had to say about Transcend’s data mapping solutions:

"We are able to pull a complete view of our estate through Transcend's data mapping module. We have gotten the CFO to look around, which helps with SaaS cost reductions, data estate, and understanding where our problems are. Reporting to the board on our risk appetite has become super easy; no manual work from my side is needed to supply metrics. It has altogether elevated trust in the privacy programme around the business."

Get started with Transcend

Is GDPR compliance a priority for your company? Or are you looking for a one-click way to generate data reports? Reach out to our team to learn more.

Transcend’s next-gen data and privacy governance platform helps companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500s to high-growth startups, better govern their data—improving compliance, cutting costs, enhancing business innovation and increasing customer trust.

Automate data subject request workflows with DSR Automation ensure end-to-end user consent tracking with Transcend Consent Management, discover data silos and auto-generate reports with our suite of data mapping tools, or mitigate risk through collaborative DPIAs with Transcend Assessments.

By Brandon Chen

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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