Transcend's seamless integration with Google Consent Mode v2

February 26, 20241 min read

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In an effort to stay aligned with the continued evolution of European privacy laws, Google recently announced Google Consent Mode v2. This updated version of their protocol includes new signals and expanded functionality. 

What does this mean for you? If a user from the EEA is using your website or app and you measure user behavior with Google tags, you need to ensure end-user consent choices are passed to Google using their parameters. 

Transcend Consent has supported Google Consent Mode for a number of years and will be seamlessly supporting v2 for our customers. This post outlines what’s new, how this can benefit your business, and what actions businesses should take in light of Google’s changes. 

If you aren’t already familiar, Google Consent Mode is a signaling API that allows businesses and Consent Management Platforms (like Transcend) to pass information about a user’s consent choices to Google—enabling Google’s solutions to modify how they process user data. 

Here’s how Google describes it in their documentation

When you enable consent mode, Google measurement products ensure that a visitor’s consent mode state is preserved across the pages they visit. If consent is denied, tags that fire do not store cookies, instead they communicate a minimum of information about user activity. Consent state and user activity are then communicated by sending [...] cookieless pings, or signals, to the Google server[.]

This approach helps Google use conversion modeling to fill in user journey gaps created by unconsented users, which can help businesses get more insight into the performance of their campaigns and website than if they were blocking the tags altogether. 

Google Consent Mode v2 introduces enhanced mechanisms for managing user consent, particularly in response to the European Union's stringent privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new Digital Markets Act.

This update is important for businesses operating in the European Economic Area (EEU), as it affects how consent signals are communicated to Google's suite of advertising and analytics services, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Marketing Platform.

The updated Consent Mode now includes two additional consent states: ad_user_data and ad_personalization. These new parameters allow businesses to specify whether a user has consented to sharing their data for advertising purposes and whether their data can be used for personalization. This granularity ensures user preferences are respected.

With the enforcement of Consent Mode V2 beginning in March 2024, upgrading is not just about compliance—it's about ensuring your digital marketing strategies remain effective and data-driven.

The use of modeled conversions, powered by Google's AI, fills in the gaps where consent is not given, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of user behavior and website performance. This means that even without certain user data, you can still gain valuable insights to drive your marketing and advertising strategies​​​​.

At Transcend, we aim to make compliance straightforward. That’s why we offer out-of-the-box support for a wide variety of frameworks and industry signaling protocols. Our latest update ensures that our platform seamlessly supports Google Consent Mode v2, requiring minimal effort on your part to stay compliant and competitive. Here's how we make it easy:

  • Automatic Consent Mode handling: Update to the latest version of our airgap.js consent script… and you're all set to leverage the benefits of Consent Mode v2!
  • Expert support: Our team is equipped to answer any questions you have and guide you through any customizations you need.
  • Future-proof your consent management: With Transcend Consent and Google Consent Mode v2, you're not just adapting to current regulations; you're setting your business up for long-term success in a privacy-focused world.

For detailed guidance on Consent Mode v2, please visit our documentation or contact our support team.

For when your legacy solution relies on static site scans, requires tedious maintenance, and still leaks unconsented data. Transcend Consent Management collects consent and automates enforcement across every interface, from websites to mobile apps, offering your organization:

  • Continuous detection of 200+ kinds of trackers across every inch of your site.
  • Automatic network-level enforcement–no manual tag manager configuration.
  • Out of the box support for IAB TCF, Google Consent Mode, and Do Not Sell (eg. Meta LDU).

Reach out to learn more.

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