Full-stack Consent. Fully customizable.

Transcend Consent Management collects consent and automates enforcement across every interface, from websites to mobile apps.

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Complete coverage

Comprehensive consent management from client-side UI to backend opt outs, from honoring GPC to LDU (and other Do Not Sell signals), and across all domains, apps, and regions.

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Seamless & scalable

As you launch new lines of business, enter new markets, add new domains and deal with new state regs, Transcend handles growth and complexity with ease.

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Visibility & reporting

Confidently manage your complex, global digital footprint with records of consent, audit logs, and enterprise-level reporting.

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Comprehensive consent management

Consent is a full stack problem that requires both client-side and backend workflows to effectively collect and enforce preferences.

Unlike other tools, Transcend honors the GPC (Global Privacy Control) signal and propagates downstream restricted data processing flags out-of-the-box, minimizing your opt out compliance risk.

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Growth without the resource strain

Global operations often increase complexity and resourcing needs… not with Transcend. Customize front-end UI and add new regional consent experiences in just a few clicks. Don’t let cumbersome configurations or account manager bottlenecks add friction to your business growth.

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Confidently manage your global footprint

A full dashboard offers views into metrics such as user preferences, opt out compliance, and trends over time. Through data visualizations, audit logs, and records of consent, access the insights you need to confidently report on privacy compliance, vendor risk, user growth and more.

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A full-stack solution

An all-inclusive approach to honoring and enforcing user data preferences, that seamlessly customizes to your needs.

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Don't take our word for it

See why legal and technical leaders rely on Transcend for smarter, centralized risk management.

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"Unlike many competitors, Transcend understands the importance that regulators put on processing consent and managing consent eliminates a chunk of risk. Automating and removing manual processes from consent management is a feather in Transcend’s cap."

Worldwide Data Privacy Management Software 2023 | IDC MarketScape

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“Adopting and implementing Transcend's Consent product has been one of the smoothest technology implementations we've done. Within hours, we were getting valuable information that allowed us to instantly see most used cookies and data flows and easily separate data flows by domain. We are confident in our current and future consent management compliance.”

Jake Ottenwaelder | Senior Privacy Engineer

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“Transcend has saved us from countless hours of manual datapoint labeling, missing systems in privacy requests, and downstream gaps in consent preference management. Their dedicated partnership gives us confidence that we can continue to manage privacy projects efficiently and handle new requirements. Privacy is no longer a cost center – with Transcend, we are driving value to the business.”

Kat Vetrakova | Data Protection Officer, GoCardless

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Transcend has given us a lightweight and flexible consent solution that works well with our Google Tag Manager setup and has a simple & intuitive approval dashboard compared to others on the market. Furthermore, it's been a joy to work with the team at Transcend during the integration process.”

Nils Westhoff | Front-end Developer, Ace & Tate

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