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Automation in the data privacy space is a non-technical buzzword. When companies set out to automate privacy request compliance, many of the ‘automation’ products they first encounter only automate the human-to-human ‘shoulder taps’ required to execute a privacy request. The rest? Still a series of manual steps.

For companies that needed a quick fix for GDPR two years ago, ‘automation web forms’ were a good bandaid. But in 2020, as resource drains on privacy requests tick up, companies need breakthrough technical products that scale to meet volumes and better future-proof the business’s approach to data privacy.

Today, real engineered privacy infrastructure hooks up with homegrown and vendor data stores with no or low code, retrieves personal user data instantaneously, and comprehensively and securely compiles disparate data points into clean packets for user delivery. A sound engineering product is the only way to truly automate the process and take humans (and associated pain points) completely out of the loop. With true engineered automation, privacy lawyers can get back to their most strategic work, and developers rest easy knowing sound architecture is in place.

But should companies build or buy engineering privacy infrastructure? For the technical side of a company, the former comes with a harsh reality—building in-house infrastructure can pose a significant long-term drain, as tech stacks constantly change and legislative requirements proliferate.

Engineering leaders also have to contend with competing priorities and limited headcount. The main focus of their teams isn’t to build and maintain privacy software that requires custom-built integrations and hooks into all of the company’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) tools.

At Transcend, we’re a new engineering company focused on true automation of data privacy, and that’s reflected in the integrations we’ve built to make simple, pain-free privacy programs possible. These leverage existing SaaS APIs and make calls to data privacy endpoints to securely access and erase your prospect, customer, or users’ data from these data processors.

In our last integrations update, we shared our engineering team’s latest work on several new Transcend’s SaaS tool integrations. As they continue to build, we’re delighted to share our latest batch of integrations, across a range of use cases:


Shopify is the all-in-one e-commerce platform for businesses.

Once securely authenticated by a customer, Transcend’s integration can blindly access and erase that customer’s profile information, retrieve orders and disputes, and globally opt-out users from Shopify communications with no manual intervention from the Shopify or Transcend teams.

Facebook Ads

Transcend’s Facebook Ads integration can access and erase user profiles from custom ad audiences in the Facebook ad platform, giving your prospective customers control over the ads they see.


Square helps millions of sellers run their business. From secure credit card processing to point of sale, Square helps you get paid faster.

Transcend’s Square integration enables companies to automatically fulfill data requests from end-users in the Square platform, returning and even removing user contact information, payment details, and order history.


Typeform is known for their people-friendly approach to data gathering, and elegant, clean forms. By asking one question at a time, surveyors can generate more thoughtful responses. With this integration, Transcend can access and erase all form submissions from users.

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is built for internal and external support, streamlining the way companies solve problems for their customers and employees. Our integration allows the access of customer information, service desk requests and request comments, as well as erase of customer profile information.

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