Transcend's Consent Manager: A Pioneering Tool for Modern Data Governance

September 9, 20212 min read

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A couple months ago we announced that we were reinventing consent management. Today, we are excited to share that Transcend Consent is live and available to everyone. Sign up to try for free at the bottom of this post.

A broken status quo

We’ve heard countless stories from companies dealing with broken websites or slow load times caused by clunky consent managers. We knew that these cookie banners were merely a surface-level approach to complying with user consent preferences. And, like so many others, we were frustrated with pop-up banners cluttering our browsers. We knew there had to be a better way here, so our team got to work.

Existing consent managers take an all or nothing approach in regulating trackers, blocking or allowing entire scripts. In contrast, Transcend provides fine-grain regulation by governing tracking data at the network level. This nuance allows for improved site performance, complete compliance with user consent preferences (there are 200+ tracking technologies on the web, existing consent managers only regulate a fraction of them) and opens the door for unprecedented UX flexibility (ditch your cookie banner!)

Building beyond our beta

We explained our technical approach to reengineering the consent management process at this year’s PEPR conference (read a summary or watch the talk here). The response following our initial announcement was overwhelming—many were similarly frustrated with the status quo consent experience and hungry for a better, more thoughtful way. Dozens of companies expressed interest and signed up to use our consent manager in beta. The team was motivated by this reaction and we quickly shifted plans to move this launch ahead of schedule, in order to get Transcend Consent to users like yourself, sooner.

Based on early feedback, we’ve revamped the entire product interface, making our consent manager even more intuitive and easy to use. Now you can reference clear, accessible metrics in an analytics dashboard and easily add or edit any data flows that aren’t automatically classified.

Our site scan auto-classifies your site’s Data Flows, and you can edit or add more as needed.

Starting today, anyone can create an account and set up Transcend Consent , for free, in just 5 minutes. Once you sign up, we’ll start classifying your Data Flows and provide a drop in script for your website. Check out the onboarding instructions for more details. If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests, drop us a note.

We’re excited to help companies deliver better, privacy-respecting, user experiences online, without having to sacrifice site performance, load times or web design.

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