Transcend July product updates: featuring new regional defaults for Consent Manager

June 28, 20243 min read

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Welcome to our July 2024 customer newsletter. This month, we've got updates on Transcend's new Help Center, new regional experiences for incoming Texas and Oregon state privacy laws, and other product releases.

Coming soon: Your new go-to resource for mastering Transcend

In mid-July, we’ll be rolling out a new customer experience that makes it easier for you and your teams to find solutions for how to use Transcend. Keep an eye out for a link to the new Transcend Help Center in your Transcend account.

Expanded regional experiences to include Texas and Oregon

On July 1, 2024, new state privacy laws went into effect in Texas and Oregon. New requirements include the ability for users to opt-out of sale of info and the need to respect browser GPC signals. As a result, we have updated our default regional experiences to accommodate these new requirements.

If you’re already using Consent Manager, you can enable these new requirements through the Regional Experiences page.

From there, click “Add Experience” on the top right corner. Select “US_DNSS” in the Experience Preset dropdown to enable the US Do Not Sell/Share configurations. These will cover Texas, Oregon, and other relevant state regulations.

Key product releases

Automated ROPA reports

To help you stay compliant with compliance regulations, including Article 30 of GDPR, we created a new default report that you’re able to access in a few clicks. This report pulls in key fields from your Data Silos and Purposes of Processing, so that you’re always able to provide an updated view of your data processing activities.

View your organization's ROPA in Transcend.

New default Assessment templates

We’re always working to improve your user experience. Our latest update includes default templates for DPIA, ROPA, and Vendor Risk assessments for Assessment customers, to make it easier than ever to ensure compliance for your entire Data Inventory.

Access those templates in Transcend

Mobile App support

In case you missed it, Transcend Consent Manager now includes the option to add mobile app support. This includes automated scanning to maintain an up-to-date view of your website cookies and mobile SDKs, default data handling options for different regions, and enforces user choices across your downstream systems. This also reduces the operational burden on your teams to maintain a consent solution – and now also extends to mobile apps for seamless compliance and user experiences.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mobile Consent, contact our team.

Find more silos and datapoints with Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage

Google Drive integration now also supports Silo Discovery, and both Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage support Unstructured Discovery.

Add Google Drive or browse all 1500+ integrations.

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