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Life at Transcend: Phyllis Fang, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Phyllis Fang
March 31st, 2022 · 2 min read

Welcome to the third installment of Life at Transcend!

In this series, we take a few minutes getting to know a member of the Transcend family––learning about their past and the path that took them to Transcend.

Meet Phyllis Fang, our Senior Product Marketing Manager.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2009 with a Dietetics degree, landing fresh into a recession followed by months of unemployment and panic.

I quickly abandoned a medical profession and decided to follow a side project, which took me to NYC to pursue a fashion career (RIP Blogger and the early early days of fashion blogging).

In the years since, I followed work that felt interesting and challenging, organically moving from fashion to digital marketing, then into business school and tech.

Describe your path to Transcend

I’ve worked across the spectrum of both marketing and tech, from digital marketing at e-commerce start-ups to product marketing at large consumer apps.

Directly before Transcend, I worked on Uber’s safety products––launching features like Emergency Assistance, an in-app button that immediately sends a user’s live location and vehicle information to local emergency services, to selfie Mask Verification during Uber’s COVID-19 response.

This was where I discovered how much I enjoyed the cross-sectional work of developing delightful product features, crafting compelling campaigns, and driving value and customer loyalty through topline brand metrics.

It’s this purpose-driven work that motivated me to join Transcend.

Our mission to enable Data Rights For All has such powerful resonance, and it’s exciting to be working on products and solutions for this new, fast-paced, and critically relevant industry.

What do you work on at Transcend?

I lead a small but mighty Product Marketing and Partnerships team. We do everything from launching new products, engaging with technology partners, listening to feedback from customers, enabling our sales team, and informing the product roadmap.

Foundational to all that, and my work specifically, is developing and refining how we position Transcend and our products most effectively to sales prospects, channel and SaaS partners, and our existing customers.

What’s your favorite part of working at Transcend?

Working at Transcend means collaborating and learning from a group of smart and humble people. It’s an incredible combination of qualities!

Being part of an early stage company also means everyone acts like a true owner. From investing in Transcend’s culture, to establishing business practices, and building the org––everyone plays an active role in shaping the type of company we want to work at.

What’s one value that resonates with you, and why?

Calibrate to overtrust. I love this value because it starts at the individual, giving every Transcend employee agency, responsibility, and skin in the game.

By embracing open communication, accountability and empowerment, each individual helps create and strengthen a network of trust and psychological safety.

Where can we find you when you’re not logged on?

I’ve always enjoyed anything artistic and crafty.

Working on tactile, creative projects with my own two hands fulfills my creative craving and, after a week of Slacks, slides and typing, is always a therapeutic activity. I love painting and sewing, but my latest hobby has been ceramics and wheel throwing.

Outside of that, you’ll find me exploring new restaurants, getting outside, taking campervan road trips, and trying (in vain) to win my cat’s love.

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