Pioneering data privacy across digital analytics with Transcend and Amplitude

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January 5th, 2022 · 1 min read

The following post is an excerpt from a post from our friends at Amplitude, on how customers can leverage Transcend’s Amplitude integration to ensure that their data privacy is secure and scalable while leveraging digital intelligence to optimize their business. Read the full blog post on the Amplitude website.

How data rights impact your company’s operations

As our world becomes more and more digital, companies track an increasing amount of user behavior to help products run efficiently and provide insights to their teams.

In tandem, privacy laws like Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA continue to shape individual protections and ownership over their own user data, including the right to access, erase, or opt-out of their data being accessible to these companies. But it goes beyond the law – today’s consumers expect companies to meet these requirements seamlessly and transparently as a foundation to building trust with the brand.

How companies benefit from the Transcend + Amplitude Integration

Transcend is the privacy platform that makes it easy to encode privacy across your tech stack. By allowing companies to connect and orchestrate data actions across all their SaaS tools, internal databases, and systems, Transcend makes it easy for companies to automatically fulfill data subject requests.

Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System enables organizations to deeply understand which digital experiences and customer behaviors lead to long-term value. These critical insights are accessible and actionable across every team, allowing for data-driven decisions that deliver real business outcomes.

Consumer brands across real estate and online learning, including best-in-class companies like Clubhouse and Good Eggs, use Transcend and Amplitude together to ensure that their data privacy is secure and scalable while leveraging digital intelligence to optimize their business.

These companies understand that data privacy is critical to their customers. A trustworthy brand and an elevated customer experience begin with proper data privacy protocols given to their users. The Transcend + Amplitude integration helps companies meet this promise in a way that is automated and efficient for everyone.

To learn more about how Amplitude integrates with Transcend, read more on the Amplitude blog here.

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