Get Your Free Compliance Audit: A Smart Response to Enforcement

March 15, 20241 min read

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Introducing our free privacy audit campaign

Better compliance and improved operational efficiency are key to building best-in-class privacy organizations. 

Today we’re rolling out a new initiative to provide one free audit for all US enterprises, specifically designed to help your organization identify and rectify any non-compliant tracking technologies on your website—ensuring alignment with CPRA and other relevant privacy laws.

As the only all-in-one privacy platform with auditing technology, Transcend is uniquely positioned to assist businesses in navigating these new requirements. In looking at the online footprint of many US companies, it’s clear technology tracking issues are commonplace for organizations using outdated, trust-based consent solutions. 

The California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) has been granted the authority to enforce CPRA regulations immediately. This significant decision eliminates any previous delays and imposes immediate compliance obligations on businesses within the CPRA framework.

Washington’s My Health My Data law also creates new legal guardrails on health data, tracking technology, and consented data. Compounding these factors, the FTC is revisiting prior laws to assess compliance with tracking-related issues. In light of these shifts, auditing your enterprise tracking technologies for a thousand foot view of your privacy practices is crucial.

Benefits of using your Transcend Audit

  • Rapid compliance: Leveraging our advanced automated technology, we quickly identify compliance gaps, providing actionable insights for remediation.
  • Brand protection: By ensuring your business practices reflect a strong commitment to privacy, we help reinforce customer trust.
  • Risk mitigation: Our service helps avoid the financial and reputational risks associated with non-compliance.

How to get started 

Transcend's exclusive free audit offers a timely and efficient means to secure your compliance posture, safeguarding against potential penalties and fostering a trust-based relationship with your customers. There is literally no downside.

Ready to get started? Reach out here.

By choosing Transcend's unique free audit, your enterprise can confidently navigate the evolving privacy landscape, fortified by the support of the only all-in-one privacy platform capable of providing this essential service.

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