Navigating Data Privacy Governance: A Guide for Data Brokers

February 8, 20244 min read

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With the passage of California’s DELETE Act, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) extending the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the FTC’s settlement with data broker Outlogic, it’s clear regulators are scrutinizing the data broker industry more and more.

In light of these developments, data brokers need a thorough, efficient approach to privacy and data governance—one that enables agility against shifting regulation and robust compliance as enforcement ramps up. 

With Transcend’s all-in-one privacy solution, many top data brokers have been able to better navigate the world of privacy regulation—saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, while significantly improving their overall compliance stance.

Not only that, but most of Transcend’s data broker customers transitioned from legacy privacy platforms: tools with minimal automation, clunky manual workflows, and a lack of technical depth—all of which make it difficult to adequately respond to the unique challenges presented by modern privacy regulation. 

In this guide on privacy compliance for data brokers, we explore the key governance issues affecting data brokers today and provide a roadmap for improving compliance as regulators continue to crack down. 

1) Establishing a data inventory  

Creating a comprehensive data inventory is foundational to any successful privacy program. This is doubly true for data brokers, as they handle huge quantities of personal and sensitive data from a wide variety of sources. 

To build your data inventory and create a solid governance foundation, start by establishing  your baseline in Transcend Data Inventory. This will act as the single source of truth for all personal and sensitive data moving through your organization. 

From there, use powerful, automated tools like Silo Discovery, Structured Discovery, and Unstructured Discovery to uncover, catalog, and classify the data within your organization’s data ecosystem.

By automating this process, your teams gain a consistent, 360-degree view of the data your organization holds, as well as a transformative understanding of any potential data risks. They’ll also save hundreds of hours and thousands in resourcing—opening opportunities to focus on more strategic work. 

As regulators levy fines and pursue enforcement actions based on consent violations, prioritizing a robust consent management platform (CMP) is critical. Not only that, but as regulators clarify and expand requirements around consent (for example, requiring companies to honor browser-based opt-out signals), data brokers will need a CMP that synchronizes consent preferences across different web applications, mobile applications, backend databases, and third party tools. 

Transcend Consent Management is the only solution on the market that governs both client-side and backend user consent—honoring GPC, LDU, and other Do Not Sell signals, while offering custom consent experiences for any region, device, or domain.

As you launch new lines of business, enter new markets, add new domains, and deal with new state regulations, Transcend Consent Management can help your teams handle that growth and complexity with ease. Plus, you’ll gain tools to confidently manage your complex, global digital footprint with records of consent, audit logs, and enterprise-level reporting.

3) Automating data deletion workflows

Another piece that data brokers need to consider is how to efficiently manage data subject request workflows. Though data subject requests can include requests for access, correction, and transfer, the key piece for data brokers is requests for deletion. 

California’s DELETE Act mandates that the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) create a one-stop-shop deletion mechanism—one that, once filled out by a consumer, would instruct every data broker in the state of California to delete their personal data. This means that every data broker in the state can soon expect a significant influx of consumer deletion requests channeled from the CPPA. 

Fulfilling these requests promptly and efficiently will be key to compliance. With powerful features like centralized request management, the ability to integrate with existing Privacy Center intake forms, automated data subject identity authentication, data integration, and options to customize workflows based on location, relationship, and relevant regulations—Transcend DSR Automation can streamline the process end-to-end. 

True DSR automation means you can eliminate clunky manual workflows and unruly spreadsheets, which helps your teams save significant time and resources while fulfilling these requests. Not only that, but automation supports stronger compliance. Because deletion requests are fulfilled automatically, your teams can sidestep avoidable errors and increase the overall security of data deletion workflows by minimizing the number of people accessing and processing the data.

You can also use tools like Transcend’s Privacy Center for automated DSR intake and authentication, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.


2024 is shaping up to be a year of increased data broker scrutiny—and proactive data governance will be essential. Using powerful, all-in-one privacy solutions, data brokers will be able to better navigate complex compliance requirements, build trust with consumers, and stay ahead in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Automate processes, stay informed, and collaborate with the privacy community to ensure your data processing practices align with rapidly evolving privacy and data protection requirements.

About Transcend

Transcend is an all-in-one platform for modern privacy and data governance. Encoding privacy at the code layer, we provide solutions for any privacy challenge your teams may be facing—including getting you ready for the latest privacy trends and challenges in 2024.

From Consent Management, to automated DSR Fulfillment, to a full suite of data mapping solutions (Data InventorySilo DiscoveryStructured Discovery, and more), Transcend has you covered as your company grows and evolves in a swiftly changing regulatory environment.

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