Introducing Transcend’s Next-Generation Partners Program

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of Transcend’s Next Generation Partners Program—a brand new program that provides the best of Transcend to the world’s best privacy partners.  

As the leading next-generation privacy platform, Transcend’s Next Generation Partners Program is uniquely designed to help partners solve client issues that are under-addressed and even exacerbated by legacy solutions and to provide partners with more advanced solutions that meet clients' unique and complex needs. 

For some time now, leading partners have worked with Transcend because they’re looking for a new way forward on privacy compliance—one that is technologically advanced, while offering industry-leading customization and support. With its official launch, Transcend’s Next-Generation Partners Program offers new support and new benefits for members. 

Benefits of joining Transcend’s Next-Generation Partners Program 

  • Business-enhancing incentives to spur growth: Transcend’s Next Generation Partners Program was built to help partners win. By providing advanced enterprise compliance solutions and addressing business needs that are currently under-addressed with legacy approaches, Transcend partners have an enormous opportunity to spur business growth alongside their clients’ success and satisfaction. 

  • Partner education that drives thought leadership: As privacy becomes more complicated and technical than ever before, partners want next-generation education and insights to stay a step ahead of client concerns, challenges, and needs. Transcend’s Next Generation Partners Program offers exclusive access to deep partner education that focuses on the today, and tomorrow, of privacy. 

  • Industry-leading partnership and enablement: Above and beyond success and support are deeply embedded in Transcend’s DNA. Through the Transcend Next Generation Partners Program, gain access to enablement and support that sets you, and your client’s results, apart from the market. As a partner, see why Transcend’s enterprise customers routinely highlight Transcend’s approach to support as a differentiating factor in the market. 

  • Exclusive access to custom partner offerings: The privacy landscape is evolving rapidly, and Transcend partners want to offer their clients next-generation solutions to persistent, large-scale challenges at pace with market shifts. Transcend partners gain members-only access to unique programs and services all designed to make our partners more successful at offering the strictest compliance controls that can handle any manner of complexity. 

Who is the Transcend Next-Generation Partners Program for?

This program is designed for law firms, consulting groups, and technology providers who wish to offer their clients next-generation privacy solutions that align with today's complex regulatory landscape. If your clients are asking for new and better solutions to their business problems, or if your firm is seeking to address new, large-scale client issues that have gone historically unmet, this program is for you. 

Partner success stories 

What the market says

  • “Unlike first-generation data privacy compliance providers, Transcend fully automates many of the cumbersome and menial aspects of compliance.” - Worldwide Data Privacy Management Software 2023 | IDC MarketScape

  • "Red Clover Advisors was founded on three guiding principles, one of which is simplifying data privacy. Transcend’s easy-to-understand technology helps us uphold that standard and can quickly transform and streamline a client’s privacy operations." - Jodi Daniels, CEO & Founder, Red Clover Advisors

  • "Transcend has been a strategic partner with Integrative Privacy from our inception. Together, we’ve successfully helped large, complex companies off-board their legacy privacy tooling to the next generation of privacy technology to help them scale." - Jake Ottenwaelder, founder of Integrative Privacy. 

  • "We needed a solution that would evolve with ever-changing privacy regulations. Transcend's configurable integrations lets us easily support different parameters, unique business conditions, and state by state privacy laws. It allows us to be prepared for new laws before they come into effect, and frees our team up from chasing new privacy request requirements." - Petr Hecko, Lead DevOps Engineer, Hims & Hers

  • “Transcend is a rare example of a vendor who has become a true partner. Our questions are answered so quickly - it feels like we’re on the same team. Transcend’s technology is impressive, but it’s the incredible support that takes it to the next level.” - Piotr Wurst, Data Privacy Specialist, Groupon

  • More than 70% of Transcend survey respondents say they feel “More Compliant” with Transcend than their legacy solution. 

How to join the Transcend Next-Generation Partners Program

To join Transcend’s Next Generation Partners Program, simply visit our dedicated Partners page to apply today.

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