Transcend named a G2 Leader in Data Privacy Management

At Transcend, we’re building every day to make it simple for companies to give their users control over their data.

Part of that mission is turning some of the most complex privacy operational challenges and headaches into easy solutions for our customers. Less compliance headaches, less internal privacy code, and more flexibility to deliver user-centric privacy for today’s privacy requirements and whatever lies ahead.

That’s why it was humbling to be recognized as both a leader in data privacy management and several other categories in G2’s Summer 2022 reports, driven by reviews from Transcend users. These acknowledgements included:

1. ‘Leader’ in Data Privacy Management

2. ‘High Performer Enterprise’ in Data Governance

3. ‘Easiest to Do Business With’ across DSAR, Consent, Data Mapping, and Data Governance

4. ‘Easiest to Use’ in Data Mapping

5. ‘Best Support’ for Data Mapping

6. ‘Easiest Setup’ for Data Mapping and Data Governance

7. ‘Easiest Admin’ across Data Privacy Management, Data Mapping, and Data Governance

Why we’re celebrating

These stellar customer reviews show we're making great accomplishments toward our mission to make it simple for companies to give their users control over their personal data.

To propel and guide this mission, three ideas act as our north star: easy-to-use, advanced, and dedicated.

Easy-to-use means we’re committed to building a product that’s simple enough for anyone at your company to use and understand, backed up with detailed documentation, guides, and other resources.

Privacy is, after all, a team sport, but complying with the latest round of rulemaking and legislation can present tough technical challenges. Data mapping, for example, is an inherently complex process that often requires substantial engineering resources.

That’s why we’re thrilled to see our data mapping offering being acknowledged as easier to use than any other competitor in the space.

Advanced means our platform has to have industry-leading capabilities to get the job done, no matter the regulation or requirement.

That’s why we celebrate recognitions like ‘Leader’ in Data Privacy Management and ‘High Performer Enterprise’ in Data Governance. It means our customers trust our tools are advanced enough to not only meet their privacy goals, but transform the way they work entirely.

Using Transcend’s privacy tools, our customers can cut privacy request processing costs by 80%, automate data discovery to quickly uncover data schemata, generate accurate compliance reports, and fulfill a privacy request in minutes, rather than a month.

Dedicated means our entire team holds the needs of our customers above everything else—working every day to make it easier to build effective, scalable, compliant privacy programs.

That’s why we’re proud to be named ‘Easiest to do business with’ across four core categories.

You can read the reviews we received on Transcend’s G2 page. Thank you to our incredible customers for taking the time to leave us such valuable feedback.

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