Announcing Transcend's industry-first Auditor for Partners Program

June 25, 20242 min read

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To keep our partners ahead of legacy and outdated privacy work, today, we’re excited to launch a new Partner Offering as the latest addition to our Next-Generation Partner Program’s custom offerings: Auditor for Partners.

Auditor for Partners is an industry-leading program that gives Transcend Partners a powerful way to help clients understand their web consent footprint and help decrease California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) compliance risk by proactively identifying potential web tracking violations.

Combining our web auditor tools and custom partner education, Auditor for Partners empowers program members to proactively advise clients on potential tracking tech issues and increase privacy management of digital properties. This program is completely complimentary for Transcend Next Gen Partners.

Designed for law firms, consulting groups, and technology providers to offer their clients industry-leading privacy solutions that align with today's complex regulatory landscape, Transcend’s Next-Generation Partner Program provides partners with business-enhancing incentives, partner education, industry-leading enablement, and exclusive access to custom partner offerings. Auditor for Partners is a key launch of our exclusive partner offerings.

Utilizing advanced technology not available with legacy privacy solutions, Transcend partners using the Auditor for Partners offering will be able to secure a competitive advantage in a tight market—gaining an advanced way to address visibility gaps and risks driven by increasing enforcement and regulatory focus on consent.

Transcend’s next-gen tools are critical for privacy law firms, consulting groups, and technology providers as the future of privacy unfolds. In particular, California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) protects a consumer’s right to limit the sale and sharing of their personal or sensitive data online.

Under CCPA, companies are required to disclose whether they share or sell personal data, notify consumers of their right to opt-out, and honor global opt-out signals such as Global Privacy Control (GPC). With enforcement ramping up, many partner clients are prioritizing consent transformation.

Yet, despite best efforts, honoring CPRA opt-outs is hard in a highly complex advertising technology environment—with research showing that hundreds of trackers can load on a single enterprise website. Privacy teams wrangling hundreds of third-party trackers are often drowning in tedious manual updates in a legacy cookie tag manager. Additionally, since legacy consent tools only provide point-in-time scans, which fall out of date almost immediately, privacy teams often lack visibility into the real-time status of their digital properties.

Consultants and legal experts are brought in to make sense of the complexity and offer fast and effective solutions. With Auditor for Partners, your firm is empowered to stand out in the field by offering immediate visibility into your clients’ web trackers and opt-out processes, allowing you to identify potential violations and make quick recommendations to reduce compliance risk.

How to join the Transcend Next-Generation Partners Program

To join Transcend’s Next Generation Partners Program, visit our dedicated Partners page to apply today.

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