Keep privacy from becoming a security problem

Discover how our obsession with great privacy extends to industry-leading security.

The challenge

Privacy tools need broad access

Discovering and mapping personal data across your tech stack and then executing data subject access and erasure requests inherently requires you to grant access across your tech stack. Privacy tools should be held to extraordinarily high security standards to match the extraordinary access they require.

Privacy laws require sensitive data transfers

Privacy regulations give many consumers the right to download the information you have about them. It’s crucial to ensure you’re only transferring data to the proper authenticated data subject and that it can’t be intercepted or decrypted mid-transit.

The solution

Data discovery and governance without infrastructure exposure

You hold you API keys

You keep your API keys.

Transcend integrates with your systems through a secure gateway. The gateway integrates with your existing key management systems so that your organization's secrets and data are kept safe, and Transcend never sees them.

End to end encryption

End-to-end encryption.

Personal data is between you and your users. Data is encrypted with AES-256 before it leaves your firewall, and only decrypted in your data subject’s browser. With zero trust security, Transcend never sees it.

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User authentication

Strong authentication of data subjects.

Be certain that a requestor is who they say they are. Transcend can use your existing authentication system, and supports OAuth 2, JWT Magic Links, MFA, and more. To support verification requirements, Transcend provides support for your KYC, AML, and other anti-fraud systems.

Single sign-on, on every plan.

Others make you pay extra for Single Sign-on (SSO), but with Transcend, it’s a standard feature across every plan. Any Transcend customer can sign in using their SAML identity provider, such as Google, Okta, or OneLogin.

It’s part of our commitment to providing the strongest security controls for your company’s most sensitive data.

Proof of consent

Proof of consent requirement.

Transcend only performs operations on personal data associated with a consenting user. To operate on data, the system requires cryptographic proof that an authenticated data subject gave consent to the operation. It is not possible for Transcend to delete an arbitrary user's data.

And that’s just the start.

Audit logs, role-based access control, admin approvals, user provisioning, deployment options, and more. Thoughtful product security at every stage.

Trusted by leading brands

See why security and legal leaders at top companies rely on Transcend to handle their sensitive data.

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"At Robinhood, we empower our customers to take greater ownership of their financial future, and we believe this extends to their personal information. Transcend's data privacy infrastructure helps facilitate the way we give our customers control over their data."

Karthik Rangarajan | Head of Security, Robinhood

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