Seamless CCPA compliance.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requires that businesses fulfill consumer privacy requests and provide clear options for opt-out of targeted advertising. Use Transcend to easily encode these privacy requirements directly into your data systems for simple and seamless CCPA compliance.

The California Consumer Privacy Act

What businesses need to know

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) created new consumer data rights for California residents—including the right to access, delete, correct, or transfer their data, find clear information on how their data is being collected and used, and opt-out of targeted advertising.

Effective Jan 1, 2020

The CCPA went into effect on January 1, 2020 and the California Attorney General (AG) has already taken steps towards enforcement. After sending hundreds of violation notices, most of which were cured within 30 days, the AG fined cosmetics-retailer Sephora $1.2M for failing to address their CCPA violations.

New privacy rights for California residents

Under the CCPA, California residents have the right to request access, deletion, correction, or transfer of their data—and can opt-out of targeted advertising. Companies seeking to comprehensively honor these rights and remain in compliance under this broader scope need a scalable solution that’s customizable to the needs of their business.

Amended by the CPRA

CCPA was amended by the California Privacy Rights Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2023. The CPRA created new consumer rights and expanded the CCPA's scope to cover job applicants, contractors, employees and minors. Learn more about CPRA compliance requirements.

Compliance without complexity

Engineered for simplicity, efficiency, and seamless compliance.

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Data Mapping

Through powerful, automated scans, Transcend discovers your company’s data silos and organizes data schemas and objects. Enjoy singular visibility, all in a collaborative platform where you can delegate tasks, see system owners, and generate audit logs or compliance reports.

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Privacy Requests

A fully automated, easy-to-use operating system for privacy request compliance. From access to opt out requests, and more. Secure infrastructure governs user data anywhere it's stored, without human intervention.

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California requires businesses to recognize and honor all opt-out requests, including those from privacy signals like GPC. Transcend goes beyond basic compliance and ensures user opt outs are propagated downstream by automatically appending platform-specific flags like Facebook’s LDU and Google’s RDP.

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