Comply with Washington's My Health My Data Act

The Washington My Health My Data Act (MHMDA) has reshaped privacy expectations, demanding immediate action from organizations handling health data. With MHMDA's extensive scope, your business faces significant compliance obligations—Transcend is here to turn those challenges into advantages.


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Ready to transform how you handle Washington's My Health My Data Law? Join the ranks of the best privacy organizations who have transformed their compliance with Transcend.

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Real-time data mapping and classification streamline MHMDA adherence.

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Capture explicit consent effortlessly with our advanced Consent Management platform

Respond to Requests

Automate the fulfillment of data access and deletion requests accurately.

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Easily manage privacy notices with Transcend's Privacy Center, ensuring clarity and compliance.

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Implement unmatched security and access controls to protect sensitive health data.

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"We needed a solution that would evolve with ever-changing privacy regulations. Transcend's configurable integrations lets us easily support different parameters, unique business conditions, and state by state privacy laws. It allows us to be prepared for new laws before they come into effect, and frees our team up from chasing new privacy request requirements."

Petr Hecko | Lead DevOps Engineer, Hims & Hers

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