Transcend’s Brand Campaign Crosses the Pond

Following the successful launch of Transcend’s breakthrough brand campaign at IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington D.C., plus a fast follow at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, we were excited to see Transcend make its European debut in Brussels!

Transcend is the next-generation alternative to OneTrust—and we want the world to know.

In the past, privacy teams have had limited choices when it comes to privacy partners, often feeling stuck with outdated, manual approaches to data management. These legacy methods are no longer effective or efficient in today’s data-rich, complex environments. Sentiments we’ve heard throughout the year at other events, and again at AIGG.

Designed with privacy controls embedded directly into data systems, Transcend offers a new way for privacy professionals to enhance regulatory compliance, cut business costs, and drive value to the business. 

Transcend's approach is not just about meeting current privacy requirements but also anticipating future needs. As privacy regulations evolve, our platform scales with them, offering robust support and flexibility. The overwhelmingly positive reception at the events we attended underscores the industry's readiness for a new era in privacy management, one that Transcend is proud to lead.

Our brand campaign was visible throughout Brussels, including ads in the Brussels Airport, Uber rides to and from the conference, and at key locations throughout the city—inviting privacy leaders to discover Transcend as their next-generation privacy partner.

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