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Understand your obligations under CPRA Do Not Sell or Share

The CPRA Regs have been finalized—with significant updates to the requirements around Do Not Sell or Share, many of which are more technical than those found in the CCPA.

The modified regs require, among other things, that businesses consider: 

  • Whether they’re selling or sharing consumer data via offline or backend processes

  • Whether visitors can create accounts or log-in on their website (meaning the business must maintain a record of that visitor to ensure their opt-out is honored on future visits)

  • The use and disclosure of sensitive personal information (SPI)

  • The role of financial incentive programs

And the list goes on. When it comes to implementation, Do Not Sell or Share is one of the more complex sections of the modified regs. 

That’s why we built this interactive visual guide. Use it to better understand where your company’s data processing falls under the CPRA modified regs and what steps your team should take to ensure compliance. 

This guide includes:

  • A guided questionnaire with interactive checkboxes to track your progress

  • Top-level guidance for how to respond to each requirement

  • Recommended resources to ensure robust compliance

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